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LNG vaporizers

 Have you heard Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)?
 You might say “What should I cook for today’s dinner?” and

  turn the gas cock.
  A pale flame of gas appears.

... That gas is LNG.

 Natural gases are delivered from the Middle East and other countries in compressed/cooled/liquefied conditions.
 However, you cannot use a liquefied gas as it is. It is because a liquefied gas has a temperature of -164°C!!! Just touching it freezes your hand. So we turn the -164°C liquefied gas into +30°C to +60°C gas to help deliver the gas to plants and your houses.
 The LNG vaporizers comes in a variety of shapes, including a common hairpin coil type and a slightly peculiar spiral coil type.

LNG vaporizers 1LNG vaporizers 1
[LNG vaporizers 1]
LNG vaporizers 2
[LNG vaporizers 2]
LNG vaporizers 3
[LNG vaporizers 3]
LNG vaporizers 4
[LNG vaporizers 4]

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