Air-Conditioning | It’s not just cooling or heating Optimum space with optimum temperature and humidity 

Delivering the Optimal Environment at the Appropriate Temperature and Humidity

  Waking up, stretching, and taking a deep breath is a very pleasant feeling. Sleep soundly and then awaken refreshed…
  Air conditioners support the body rhythm that enables us to enjoy that kind of a comfortable sleep. And recently, units have appeared that can also dehumidify and disinfect, and even deliver a moisturizing effect to the skin. And they are being installed even inside trains and cars, schools and offices, stores and movie theaters… Now, neither our personal lives nor the needs of industry are complete without “air-conditioning equipment”.
  The same is true for the large passenger liners and large tankers that calmly traverse the world’s seas. And there, on those oceans, continually subject to the effects of the salt air, waves, typhoons, thunderstorms and other harsh conditions, more highly advanced, complex technology is required than with land-based air-conditioning systems. That is the very reason that NISSIN’s air-conditioning technology has been trusted by our customers throughout the years.

  • Marine air-conditioner
  • Land-Based air-conditioner

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