Refrigeration | Freezing technology reaches cells! Advancing low-temperature world 

The Evolving World of Low Temperatures - Reliable technology of NISSIN -

  Once a luxury, but now quite common. Sushi is an example of this kind of food. Greatly influenced by the success of sushi bars, “inexpensive but delicious” sushi has now become the norm. And supporting that popularity behind the scenes is our continually evolving refrigeration technology.
  For example, tuna and bonito are immediately frozen after being caught, right there on-board ship, and are then transported in that frozen state to wholesale markets and retail stores. Optimum temperatures differ-with tuna it is -60℃ while it is -30℃ for bonito-and ice crystals form the longer it takes for them to be frozen, resulting in destroyed cells and a decline in flavor, so the time to reach the optimum refrigeration temperature is an important element. The magic of instant freezing at the cellular level and at the temperature that is optimum to the type of fish… NISSIN’s dependable technology is used to deliver fish that, after defrosting, have a level of freshness that makes it seem as though they are about to begin swimming at any moment.

  • Cascade refrigeration system
  • Ammonia-alcohol refrigeration system
  • Marine Refrigeration
  • Marine Cold Storage
  • Land-Based Refrigeration
  • Land-Based Cold Storage

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