Cryogenics and Other Fields | Where there is heat, there is cooling Widening stage of heat exchanger technology

A Growing Stage for Our Heat Exchange Technology

  Follow the water pipe from a faucet and you’ll find the source. Trace the electric wiring back from an electric socket and you’ll reach a power plant. Both water and electricity go back to their respective “starting point”. So, what is that in the case of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)?
  Going from a lighter or gas canister would take you to huge gas tanks, but that is not the actual “origin” here in Japan, because we import much of our LPG from abroad.
  LPG is liquefied and transported by tanker. And NISSIN’s reliquefaction unit is indispensable for cooling during loading and for maintaining a state of liquefaction during transport. NISSIN equipment is a factor in various other areas as well, such as with our LNG vaporizers that warm LNG in an ultracold state (-164℃) back to normal temperature and then gasify it for use as town gas or power generation fuel, and with the constant temperature units used in handlers and that create the cold environment for semiconductor testing devices.

  • Cold trap
  • Cargo heater
  • LNG vaporizers
  • Titanium heat exchanger for nuclear power plant

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