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Marine Refrigeration

 NISSIN is highly trusted as a pioneer in freezing and refrigerating equipment. Our freezing and refrigerating equipment for ships has accumulated track records, including the employment in the first tuna freezing vessel in Japan, and accounts for an almost 100% share in tuna fishing vessels.

Semi-airblast freezing equipment

 It is a method of freezing products in which a refrigerant is run through the tubes of aluminum shelves called tube shelf and blowing air at 1 to 2 m/sec with a blower installed in a -35°C to -45°C freezing room.
 Tunas are frozen taking about 36 hours.

Semi-airblast freezing equipment 1 Semi-airblast freezing equipment 2

Cold hatch

 It is a cold warehouse that stores tunas and other fishes at -60°C or lower after they are frozen in a freezing room.
 Usually, a refrigerant is run through tubes called hairpin coil to cool products with natural convection.
 There is no ventilation, and it prevents products from drying.

Cold hatch 1 Cold hatch 2 Cold hatch 3

Brine freezing equipment

 It is a method of freezing goods where a brine is circulated with a pump between a freezing tank surrounded with heat insulation and a separately placed brine cooler, and the goods are frozen by immersion in and contact with the brine (salt solution, calcium chloride solution, etc.) that is cooled to low temperatures (-15°C or lower).

Brine freezing equipment 1 Brine freezing equipment 2

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