Ice-Making | Shape is essential in cooling 

Still Vital, "Ice" is the Foundation of Cooling

  “Ice”, but in what form?
  We have the essential roles played by “rock ice” that refreshingly cools warm drinks, “flake ice”, which protects perishables purchased at the supermarket, and “shaved ice” that beats the heat of summer. Then there are extraordinary items like “hana-gori” (lit.: “Flower Ice”), popular at summer festivals and event venues as both air conditioning and for ornamentation. And “ice sculptures” in the shape of animals, flowers, and other forms take ice into the realm of art.
  The ice needed on-board ship, the ice needed in transportation, the ice needed in stores… The ice needed at events and amusement parks… NISSIN continues to experiment with the ice that is needed in various fields in order to provide the “form” of ice that is the appropriate for each job at hand.

  • Cooling slurry ice
  • Freezing slurry ice
  • Block-ice facilities
  • Automatic plate-ice facilities

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