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Marine air-conditioner

 From large passenger ships and cargo ships to fishery school training shps and Coast Guard patrol boats… NISSIN’s air-conditioning equipment is adopted in various types of vessels due to our clear reliability and track record.
 We continue to maximize the experience and know-how we have gained from conquering all sorts of difficult problems ralated to refrigeration equipment on fishing boats, like the rolling, pitching, and seawater damage that are the cause of air conditioning issues.


 This system’s greatest merit is the ability to be arranged to fit to each customer’s requirements, starting at the ship’s design phase.

For example,

  • - Considering reliability, I want to make a redundant system...
    • --> Two compressors and two blowers specification
  • - I want to warm the room with steam...
    • --> Steam heater specification
  • - I want to warm the room with hot water...
    • --> Hot water heater specification
  • - I want to warm the room with thermal oil...
    • --> Thermal oil heater specification
  • - There is a heat source, but I don’t want to lay pipes...
    • --> Electric heater specification

As long as technologically possible,we will answer any kind of needs.

Two compressors, hot-water heater, and ultrasonic humidifier specifications

[50-HP All-In-One: Twin compressor specs]

Ultra-compact water-cooling (seawater-resistant) heat pump chiller

 Considering the reliability and the ease of parts acquisition, we procured most parts including compressors from domestic manufacturers and developed the unit proprietorially.
 By making a unit for each 10 hp and increasing the quantity of units, units of various capabilities can be constructed. The refrigerant system is independent; hence, even if one unit fails, the operation can be continued with the remaining devices. Being lightweight, compact, and reliable, this product has been widely employed on government and municipal ships.
 Now a 5-hp unit is under development, and will enable action for a wider range of ships.

40-hp unit
[40-hp unit (four 10-hp units)]
30-hp unit
[30-hp unit (three 10-hp units]

Twin duct system

 This system allows individual temperature control of each room by guiding cold air and warm air separately to each room and by using our proprietary twin duct room units to mix the cold air and the warm air and blow the mixed air having optimum temperature into each room. Unlike standard room air-conditioners, the refrigerant pipe does not run through living rooms, allowing safety to be ensured in the event of a refrigerant leak. Neither is there a drain leak from the indoor air-conditioner unit by rocking of the ship, making it a safe and comfortable system. This system has been employed on large passenger liners and large ferries and has been receiving positive feedbacks.

Schematic view of the twin duct system

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