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Our Technology Answers Truly Diverse Needs

  From the “H-IIA launch vehicle” launched from the Tanegashima Space Center in 2001 to the “H-IIB launch vehicle”, which boasts the greatest launch capabilities in Japan, NISSIN’s air-conditioning technology is also playing an active part in the field of space exploration.

  Precision instruments composed of various electronic components are included in the air conditioning for the vehicle assembly building that fully encloses the launch vehicle as well as the air conditioning for the main portion of the launch vehicle itself. This is especially the case in the tip of the launch vehicle, where the artificial satellites that contain the very wealth of advanced science are stored, and for which the high cleanroom conditions and delicate temperature and humidity control are required.

  Our air-conditioning technology is one of the last lines of defense in protecting these launch vehicles and artificial satellites in which the hopes and dreams of everyone on the planet are added to the wisdom of humankind.

  NISSIN is entrusted with the important duty of responding to the different circumstances for air conditioning that are required in each and every launch vehicle. Together with our long background with cable laying ships, submarines, and much more, our advanced technological capabilities are now answering a variety of needs from ocean depths all the way out into the vastness of space.

  • Environmental testing constant temperature units
  • Rocket air-conditioner
  • Carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system
  • LPG reliquefaction unit
  • Vacuum drying system

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