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Management philosophy

NISSIN Has the Perfect Blend of Personal, Technology and Equipment to Produce that
“Special Product” that the Customer is Looking For

 In order to properly answer our customers’ needs and respond to changes in operating conditions, in climates and in environmental regulations, all of which are all increasing in complexity each year, NISSIN is constantly involved in and sees human resource training and enhancing our equipment, production lines, and our quality control organization as issues of the utmost importance.

 We have established a check system for our products that presupposes their use under the harshest of conditions, such as marine and factory environments. And we conduct inspections based on our own strict, original standards to make absolutely sure of everything before delivery to the customer. NISSIN’s corporate of doing things perfectly, like a chef making an “à la carte dish”, has given us an excellent reputation, not only domestically but overseas as well.

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